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Shopping Spree [May. 2nd, 2009|07:17 pm]
American Eagle Fan Club
Our family did end up going to Square One today even though I didn't think it was really necessary to go that far for a pair of shoes. It was a nice shopping trip that was well overdue for me; needed a new summer collection since all the shorts that were bought last year are way too big for me now. So the objective of the whole shopping trip was to find a new pair of flats for me because the ones I currently always wear to school are becoming torn and broken. I managed to find a really cute pair at Costa Blanca X. Couldn't find a picture of it online since the catalogue of their collection is being reconstructed, but they're black and like ballet flats; exactly the pair I wanted. Afterwards, we went to search for the pair my sister wanted. My mom then offered to go to American Eagle Outfitters; obviously the answer was yes because that's my all-time favourite store. We went crazy with the 40% off coupon we received in the mail a while ago. Here's the items I bought:

The shorts I bought aren't that colour though; very similar style just in yellow. There's also an orange sweater I bought, but I couldn't find the exact image. Those are part of my new summer clothes collection. The pile of clothing at the top of my closet is piling up because I'm running out of clothes hangers to hang my clothes so I have to remove the clothes I don't really wear anymore and put them up there.